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Irrigation & Water Features


Garden Creations provides a complete irrigation solution for residential, as well as industrial properties.

We have the answer to all your irrigation needs.

Whether it is a private garden or large grounds at your business premises, we will design a hassle-free irrigation system to green your environment all year round.

Installing a professional irrigation system not only saves time or makes you feel at ease knowing you can go on holiday and come back home to green garden. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you will save money and water to.

Intelligent water use is not a new trend it’s been around for years. This has become a worldwide initiative to preserve and maintain our natural resources.


Water Features

Do you need an oasis to come home to after a hectic day at work? The sound of Water Feature World supplies water features and other products to landscapers, landscape architects and nurseries.

Water Feature World supplies water features and other Water features are an important aspect in modern homes in and around Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng areas.

The merest trickle can capture our attention and fire our imaginations. We depend on it for our very survival and we gravitate to it for recreational purposes. Water features create a microclimate in your garden attracting birds, frogs and many other creatures. Plants benefit from the water, butterflies & birds attracted to the water feature – creating a living garden. Almost any garden (and certainly all gardeners) would benefit from the addition of a water feature or rock pool. Is it any wonder then that many of us year to have a water feature.

Instead of listening to your neighbors, dogs and traffic noise – listen to the relaxing and soothing sound of your own water feature.

We create the following type of water features for your pleasure:

  • Natural rock pools made from real rocks
  • Koi ponds
  • Rock water walls
  • Fountains
  • Winding streams through your garden
  • Cascades

It is now easier than ever to have the garden of your dreams. Gardens Creations and Water Features will introduce you to a world of water gardening that is pleasurable to everyone. The materials, the ideas, the expertise – all available from Garden Creations

"each garden is an exquisite masterpiece"

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